11 June 2009

Wow, Candy!

Well, I was super excited to get an email last week (and read my Google Reader) to find out that I won some blog candy! And not just "some" candy, it was an amazing array of candy from June over at Simply Elegant Paper Crafts! I was incredibly excited and humbled when it arrived in the mail today :D Please visit her blog and support her crafting, you won't be sorry!! Her projects are a great inspiration for me :)


  1. Shauna,
    Thank you for letting me know you received your blog candy. I appreciate the shout out :) I hope your new goodies inspire you too.

    Last year (2008) for my blogoversary I "met" Kristie Morrison (an Australian blogger)for the first time. Kristie didn't win my candy (I actually never heard from the winner ever again). Over the past year Kristie & I have become very good friends. I look forward to getting to know you better in 2009!


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