25 June 2009


So I just felt like gushing...
(1) I got a Cuttlebug over the weekend!!! yay for 50% off coupons at Michael's
(2) I got my first Unity stamps in the mail today!!!
(3) I found out that you can order online at JoAnn's website (unlike with Michael's) and I placed a nice lil order since a bunch of scrapping stuff is 40% off :)
(4) Air Show on post this weekend :) and JoDee Messina is performing too!
(5) we've been in our apt for 6+ months and this weekend we're yard sale hunting to hopefully (finally!) finish our spare bedroom/office/crafting room!!!
(6) today I finally kicked my butt into gear and started working out again
(7) I revamped my blog using some modifications from this tutorial :)
(8) it finally broke 80 degrees here in the frozen tundra!!! summer might actually have arrived...

I think that's it :)

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