04 May 2009

DIY Wedding

Here are some of the items that I made for our December wedding last year. Our wedding colors were dark navy, burgundy, and white {a take on red, white and blue, hubby's in the Army hehe}. If you have any questions, comments, etc please feel free to email me {address on the left sidebar}. I have most or all of these things saved, ie. computer files, so I could even send you example files if you would like!

Ceremony Programs

Programs are so expensive and since we had less than 100 people attending, I designed and printed the programs myself. You can also buy kits at the store to print your program on if you don't think you're artistic enough.
How To: designed in Photoshop, saved as an image, copy and pasted into Word and printed out onto Staples cardstock, tied binding with ribbons in wedding colors {navy, burgundy, white}


Ceremony Pew Decorations

We put these hanging on the edges of the pews in the aisle, every other pew.
How To: print scripture onto vellum, adhere to background paper, attach brads at corners, cut slits for ribbon, thread through ribbon and knot
Paper: Best Occasions, K&CoMPANY, Vellum: The Paper Company, Ribbon: Christmas Tree Shops, Brads: MakingMemories


Church Entrance Decorations

The entrance to our church had a tiny hallway that then split into the two aisles. The hall had rows of pegs, oringally for coats, but we put a small table with a basket containing our programs and hung these letters on the pegs {both our names start with "S" and our last name begins with "K"}. They actually now serve as our "headboard" in our bedroom- so they can even serve as home decór after the wedding!
How To: hot glued ribbon onto wooden pre-painted letters (all from WalMart)


Unity Ceremony

An alternative to the unity candle is the unity sand ceremony. Since our ceremony was in a historic church and we were not allowed to have candles, we filled two smaller vases with sand {in our wedding colors- navy and burgundy} and then poured them together into a larger center vase. Whether you chose a candle or sand ceremony- the symbolism is the same- two individuals joining as one :) We now use the larger vase with the sands in it as a candle holder in the living room!
How To: hot glue ribbon around each vase, fill smaller vases with colored sand (sand was found online, vases from WalMart)


Guest Favors

Since my husband and I really like tea, we would often give boxes of tea to each other as gifts when we visited {we had a long-distance courtship and engagement as he's in the Army}. We decided that tea would be the perfect favor for our guests since it had importance in our relationship! The story of why we chose these favors was printed on the back of the table names {see below section on Table Names}.
How To: white, red, and green tea wrapped in tulle circles tied with ribbon
Tea: Twinnings, Pompadour, from Christmas Tree Shops, Tulle: cudge.net, Ribbon: Sheer Creations


Reception Table Centerpieces

Our centerpieces with vases with two floating candles and fishies! Scattered around on the table were the favors {tea sachets} and Hershey kisses. I'd add some tulle loosely thrown around the vase to add a little more elegance {we did that for an Army banquet and it looked really nice}
How To: hot glued ribbons around center of vase, place pebbles at bottom, fill with water (and fish if desired!), place in floating candle.


Reception Head Table

Along the head tables we scattered a few types of decorations: a few single 2" pillar candles on clear bases, a few bowls with floating candles and pebbles {see below}, and in front of the couple was a more elaborate candle setting- a large clear base with a half inch lip, filled with sand and an arrangement of 2" pillar candles of varying heights. Again I would add some tulle loosely strewn along the table to add some more elegance.
Bowls: Libbey, Large Base: from Michaels, Pebbles: from WalMart, Candles/Bases: candlesjustonline.com


Reception Guest Table Names

As my husband's in the Army, our table names were important historical battles. I printed out the battle names and descriptions and backed with decorative paper bought at my college school store.
Ribbons: Best Value, Michaels, Vase: Libbey, Pebbles: from WalMart, Candles: candlesjustonline.com, Frames: MCS


Reception Guestbook

Instead of the traditional guest book, we had guest "scrap"books! When we sent out our Save The Dates, we asked family and friends to send a photo of themselves with the bride and/or groom along with a note of congratulations or advice or a memory. Only a few people did this, but we had squares of paper for people to sign and we added those into the blank pages at the back of the scrapbooks. We had one for his side of the family, one for my side of the family, and one for friends.
How To: Un-binded pre-bought blank books (from Michaels), pasted in photos and notes from friends and family, re-binded with Best Value ribbon

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